A short guide on how to effectively advocate against shark nets and drumlines.

It's normal to feel angry, sad, helpless and plenty of other mixed feelings after learning about this barbaric issue, happening in supposedly 'developed' countries.

Here's a simple guide of how to talk to people who don't have that knowledge yet, and might not want to hear it.

Getting them to listen isn't easy, but it is important.


For visual people, time-poor people, or skeptics, showing the film trailer is a great 'hook' to break down initial barriers.

The images obtained via Freedom of Information can also show an unbiased view of just how many animals die. It's great for the skeptics as they are from the Government's own archives.

For detail-oriented people who like to read and digest info, we are creating summarising all the latest scientific papers on this topic can be a great resource.

And of course, if we have done our job as filmmakers, the best fact, science, visual and emotive thing to consume will be the documentary itself. 

For those still wanting more info, the facts page of this website is a great resource, as are our social channels.


For those wanting to do something to help, the act now page is the place to go.


We are required to state that we do not support the unlawful removal of shark nets or drumlines by activists, for their own safety, and due to it being against the law.


Such removal would contravene the following laws in each state (yes, we do understand the irony that the Government's claim this is not a culling program, yet the laws below acknowledge that this equipment is indeed fishing equipment):


Fisheries Act 1994

87 Interference etc. with aquaculture activity or fishing apparatus

(1)A person must not unlawfully interfere with an aquaculture activity or fishing apparatus.
Maximum penalty—500 penalty units.

(2)In this section—
interfere with includes—
(a)for an aquaculture activity—the removal of fisheries resources, damage and destroy; and
(b)for fishing apparatus—
(i)the removal of fisheries resources; and
(ii)haul, pull, draw or reel in, or otherwise bring out of water; and
(iii)damage, destroy, mark, remove and trample.

New South Wales 

Fisheries Management (General) Regulation 2019

75   Interference with set fishing gear
(1)  A person must not, without reasonable excuse, interfere with any set fishing gear.
Maximum penalty—50 penalty units.
(2)  This clause does not apply to a fisheries officer, the person who owns the fishing gear or any other person acting in accordance with this Regulation.