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'All Creatures' Podcast

This week our Director Andre Borell and cast member Lawrence Chlebeck appeared on the US podcast 'All Creatures' to talk about the film, sharks, and shark culling. You can find All Creatures wherever you get your podcasts!

Episode Synopsis:

We are very fortunate to talk to Andre Borell and Lawrence Chlebeck from the documentary film Envoy: Cull. Andre is the producer and director. Lawrence is a marine biologist, works with Humane Society International and is featured in the film. Both discuss with us the current policies implemented in Australia to control and cull shark populations. Primarily this is happening off New South Wales and Queensland, Australia’s east coast. Andre and Lawrence discuss the current issues with these policies and how the film exposes the truth to these practices.

The film does not yet have a release date as of May 2020, but the trailer can be seen HERE

The film is potentially going to be released very soon on a streaming service and we will update you and our website when we receive more information.


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