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Calling coastal businesses, you can help get Nets Out Now!

Gold Coast - Sunshine Coast - Northern Beaches & Eastern Suburbs Sydney
Art by @artofbrentos on Instagram

We are really excited about the new artwork and branding for the Nets Out Now Coalition (pictured above). It brings renewed energy to the campaign and represents what we are all working towards, a happy and positive future where shark nets no longer exist, and marine animals are respected and protected. It's surprising how many people living on the east coast of Australia still don't understand how ineffective and outdated the shark nets are. So we believe we must reach as many people as possible in communities where shark nets are in place.

In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught -Baba Dioum

We are a small team, and it's difficult for us to visit every coastal community. That's why we're asking for help to reach more people. If you own or manage a coastal business or a community group in NSW or QLD, we can send you a FREE Respect the Locals information pack, which features our beautiful new artwork. The business info packs include a poster for you to display in your business window or noticeboard and informative pamphlets for your patrons.

...a future where shark nets no longer exist, and marine animals are respected and protected.

Please help educate others in your community about the non-lethal alternatives to shark nets. We must send a clear message to the NSW and QLD governments that we want shark nets removed from beaches permanently. A super thank you to Brent Turner (@artofbrentos on Instagram), the Sydney artist who collaborated with us on this project. Check out other artwork by Brentos.

EMAIL US and ask for the FREE business pamphlet pack!

Art by @artofbrentos on Instagram


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