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Huge opportunity to end NSW shark netting!

New South Wales DPI is currently seeking opinions from councils, and also individuals, on the NSW shark mitigation program, which includes netting. Councils are rapidly turning against these nets, as you can read here. Now you can have your say too!

We applaud some non-lethal aspects of the NSW program, including drone surveillance, but shark meshing/netting must end. This was first installed in 1937, only covers a tiny portion of any beach, does not even go to the ocean surface, and kills sharks and many other animals whilst failing to keep people safe. Just last week there was a shark incident at Cronulla, a netted beach - as if to prove just how ineffective they are!

We strongly encourage you, not only to keep sharing this petition but to complete the NSW DPI survey and share your thoughts on their program, especially nets, which you can find here. HURRY, as it closes soon!

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