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This is a Queensland FIsheries map of shark culling equipment around Stradbroke.

Those dots are drumlines. Giant baited hooks, designed to attract, catch and kill sharks.

The point on the right is Lookout Point, where a whale was entangled in a Drumline today. A 3m Great White has been also caught on one of these drumlines, which was then bitten in half by a very size-able 5m+ Great White that was lured into the area, close to swimmers.

The point on the left is Amity Point. Where drumlines went in during 1997. A shark bite then occurred in 1999, and then another (this time a fatality) in 2006. Locals say the drumlines have attracted more sharks.

These drumlines entangle whales, dolphins, turtles, and countless harmless species of shark.

These drumlines lure enormous sharks close to shore for an easy feed on the bait, or on a smaller animal that has been caught.

These drumlines do not stop bites.

These drumlines do not stop fatalities.

And finally, a quote from a retired shark control program manager: “we never claimed the nets or drumlines were a perfect remedy”.

Well, we can agree on that...

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