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Let NSW coastal MPs know they have your unwavering support to abolish the 85 year shark net program

Shark tangled in a NSW shark net
Shark nets are cruel and outdated. Image obtained under NSW Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009

Minister Saunders announced this week that NSW coastal councils might soon have discretion about the use of shark nets, it's now more important than ever to let local MPs know that it's been 85 years, and we're done with shark nets! NSW is a world leader in so many ways, but not shark mitigation. No amount of technology can greenwash the needless slaughter that is outlined in the NSW Shark Meshing (Bather Protection) Program 2021/22 Annual Performance Report. NSW is one small step away from being the global gold standard for shark mitigation. It just needs to take one final step … remove the provenly ineffective shark nets. It's time to trust in the excellent work being done by all the other aspects of the Shark Smart program. Please email your local MP and Fisheries and Environment Ministers in NSW to let them know that they have your support to do the right thing. Stop the meshing season from going ahead, and let there never be one ever again.


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