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Nets Out Now Coalition launches way to victory

When Andre Borell set out to make the film Envoy: Shark Cull, he hoped the finished product would spark a movement. Andre also hoped to see overwhelming public outcry that would force the Government to end, or modernise, their archaic ‘shark control’ and ‘bather protection’ programs.

Things are panning out. Six months after the release of Envoy: Shark Cull, the growing wave of public outrage has turned into an organised movement dedicated to protecting marine life and the safety of beachgoers.

whaled entangled in shark net, East Coast Australia
Whale entangled in shark net. Cruel outdated tactics—over 100,000 marine animals have died unnecessarily. Image: AMCS/HSI/N McLachlan

To this end, on 1 January 2022, we launched the Nets Out Now Coalition. The Coalition pulls together many voices and organisations, just like the film, to create a powerful unified campaign. It’s the best path forward to end or modernise the archaic shark culling programs that have been in place at New South Wales and Queensland beaches for as long as 84 years.

The Coalition currently has about 20 renowned members, including Envoy Foundation, Sea Shepherd, Humane Society International Australia and Australian Marine Conservation Society just to name a few. Membership is steadily growing. VIP Ambassadors, to be revealed soon, are lending their weight to the #NetsOutNow Campaign. There’s power in unity, it’s the way to victory.

People protesting for removal of beach shark nets Australia
Unity is the way to victory—protestors rally at short notice on Coolangatta Beach QLD, August 2021

Shark nets and baited drumlines have killed over 100,000 sharks and other marine animals. These tactics and methods are cruel, outdated, and have been proved time and again not to protect swimmers and surfers. These old-fashioned and ineffective methods pose a huge risk — not only to endangered shark populations and many other wildlife species — to the swimmers and surfers because these programs create a false sense of security among beachgoers and the broader community.

The Coalition supports and advocates for the use of scientifically supported, evidence-based approaches using modern and non-lethal alternatives in these programs, in conjunction with community education and support for lifesavers and first responders, and requests the rapid implementation of these measures.

It’s the Coalition’s position that updated shark bite mitigation and modernisation of programs will improve protection for both beach-goers and marine life within Australian waters, as well as positioning Australia as a global leader on shark mitigation, leading to improvements in human safety, tourism, conservation and reputation.

Member organisations may have further detail on their organisation’s position on more specific issues, and organisations are available to be approached directly.

Together, we can end the 84 years of shark culling in Australian waters in favour of modern alternatives.

We’re standing up for wildlife and human safety, will you join us?

Further information

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