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#NetsOutNow Call to Action

TODAY AND TOMORROW (Tue-Wed), let’s have another push of dial-in direct action. Time to start blowing up Minister Furner’s phones again. Maybe this time he will take action...


Qld Minister for Fisheries⁣

The Hon Mark Furner⁣

Phone: (07) 3719 7420⁣

Script (feel free to put this in your own words):


Thank you for taking my call, my name is (insert). I’d like to leave a message for the Minister about the whales being caught on drumlines and in shark nets.

You stated in June that a decision was ‘imminent’ about removing shark nets to reduce the incidence of whale entanglements and improve bather safety with scientifically monitored trials. It’s now August, and still, nothing has been announced.

Lethal drum lines and shark nets need to be removed for the whale season at the very least, and replaced with effective non-lethal alternatives. This weekend on Stradbroke Island, whale entanglements have started as they head south again.

Keeping our whales safe will help Queensland’s tourism industry which is struggling right now under COVID. Drowning whales don’t look good on international news. Please stop embarrassing Queensland.

Thank you for taking my call."

Let's keep the pressure up and force Fisheries to make some long-overdue positive changes.

Jump on over to the Facebook event to engage with others taking action!

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