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No Way, WA!

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Emergency direct action campaign now live!

After the resounding failure of the shark cull perpetrated in the name of swimmer safety back in 2014, it seems WA is on the brink of another horrific decision for our ocean health.

We have been informed that Fisheries WA is seriously considering a proposal from a recreational fishing group, to allow wide-ranging, unrestricted shark fishing in certain areas of WA, with the express purpose of reducing the shark population!

Whilst this will not be a cull directly perpetrated by Government like the 2014 cull was, the approval of this proposal would in effect be a government-sanction cull, carried out by the commercial fishing sector.

When a particular species is targeted, with an express aim to reduce its population, there is no other word for it, other than culling.

This is not ok! TAKE ACTION HERE!

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