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'Ocean Pancake' Podcast

This week one of the stars of our film, Holly Richmond, appeared alongside Director Andre Borell, on the Australian Ocean Pancake podcast. We hope you'll check it out and learn about sharks, culling and the unintended by-catch of Australia's culling programs.

Episode Synopsis:

Did you know about the longest running marine cull spanning from 1937 to now along the East Coast of Australia? It has been targeted to kill sharks, but not any sharks, 19 target species. Holly Richmond, Marine Biologist, and Andre Borell join forces to create the Envoy Cull film to shed some light on this event.

Andre Borell is the Creative Director, while Holly Richmond is one of the faces of shark protection. She has her own documentary The Shark Net Film. In this episode we talk about shark nets, drum lines, why protecting sharks is vital, how fish and shark numbers relate, and what people are doing to protect our oceans.

We also touch upon commercial fishing and recreational fishing, the side effects of baiting hooks, and how small caught sharks may actually attract larger sharks.


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