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QLD Fisheries Statement on Whale Release

The below response from Fisheries Queensland was the single most disappointing things we have seen throughout the entire 18 months of production on this documentary.

The exclusion zone was put into place in May 2019, just after we started shooting our film, just before The Shark Net Film was released, and just when Apex Harmony and HSI Australia were becoming more vocal in this space.

Why are Fisheries citing the 1992 drowning of a 9-year-old boy as the reason for this new law?

What was going on for the 27 years between 1992 and 2019?

If you want to put a gag-law in place via an exclusion zone, to stop your archaic program being filmed up close - fine - but do you really have to exploit the passing of an innocent young boy 27 years ago?

More will be revealed in our film.

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