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WA UPDATE: We need you, Ocean lovers!

We note the Fisheries WA statement on this matter, issued since the petition started, and respectfully call BS on multiple fronts.

First of all, their aversion to using the word "cull" is pure PR deflection. If recreational fishers have asked them to reduce the shark population, and they legislatively allow commercial fishers to do it for you, it's a cull. Period. The dictionary doesn't leave any wiggle room on this... selectively slaughtering a species in order to reduce its population is called culling.

Secondly, their attempt to 'chunk down' the proposed slaughter to minimise it (PR wise), is transparent and misleading. Allowing a "small" take of sharks on each trip (we've heard 20 thrown around), multiplied by the entire regions commercial fishing fleet, multiplied by the number of fishing trips per year, is still a gigantic take of an apex predator over time.

We are currently running the numbers but it is INSANE how many sharks will be allowed to be taken (killed) from the region. We will share this info soon. It is in effect, once spread across the regions commercial fishing fleet, a high enough "limit" to decimate the regions shark population, and with it, the ecosystem.


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