Below are some digital resources to post and share with your local community to show what is happening just off your beautiful beaches. Post with the below caption, and ask other locals (people or businesses) to do the same! Pick your local image, and use this suggested caption:

The release of @envoyfilm has made it deeply undesirable to have Shark Culling equipment (nets or drumlines) at our beaches and in our community. 

As this map shows it doesn’t protect people, and as the doco has exposed, it kills wildlife en masse and even attracts bigger sharks...

We ask that you please do two things: 

1. Re-share this post within our local community.
2. Call your local Counsellor and MP for removal - if not statewide, then at least at OUR beaches. 

This cull is being exposed globally, and we need to disassociate ourselves and our region from this program. It provides no real safety and gives our region a bad image. 

Thank you!