This Is Queensland

Let's take over the #thisisqueensland hashtag for Shark Awareness Day, July 14th

On July 14th, Shark Awareness Day, we’re all going to simultaneously stand up for Australia’s sharks. We want to send a polite and clear message that the shark nets need to be replaced with non-lethal alternatives, now. Conservation organisations, their supporters and individuals all over the world including you are able to take part in this Global Direct Action Day.


The goal of this Global Direct Action Day is to flood or ‘hijack’ the hashtag #thisisqueensland across social media platforms. The hashtag is used to promote tourism in Queensland, Australia. We’re going to hijack this hashtag for one day, to show that we want sharks to be protected and to expose the truth about Queensland’s shark nets.


Wherever you are in the world, let’s say no to shark nets together.


For this tactic to be effective, you must use the hashtags #thisisqueensland and #sharkawarenessday, and if you’d like to, please include the #NetsOutNow hashtag too. Also, please use one of the images below in your post. You can download or take a screenshot of the image you choose.


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I want Australia to protect and value sharks and that’s why I support non-lethal ways of keeping ocean users safe in Queensland. Please stop culling our sharks and remove the shark nets today. 

#ThisIsQueensland #SharkAwarenessDay #NetsOutNow

If you want to, you can also tag the key decision-makers on Instagram: 


  • @markfurnermp QLD Minister responsible for shark nets 

  • @meaghanscanlon QLD Environment Minister 

  • @annastaciamp QLD Premier


Be polite

No profanity

No personal attacks

Send a clear message

We want to be taken seriously

Your post, your responsibility


Do it for the sharks! 

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